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Matthew Burgess, Music Industry Veteran, 4 On The Floor Promotions

Matthew Burgess:

Music Industry Veteran

I understand where you’re coming from; I too am a musician.

I’ve played every smoky club and every dusty festival. I’ve endured every smarmy manager. If there is a job to be had in music, I’ve worked it at one time or another.

I grew up in Seattle where Grunge was king and coffee flowed through our veins.

After doing “my time” in LA where I studied music, I returned to the Northwest’s vibrant music scene to work with such artists as 3 Doors Down & Brandi Carlile as a studio/live musician.

In 2004 I traded in my hiking boots for cowboy boots and made the trek to Nashville where I have been working ever since.
(To be honest, I do not own cowboy boots.)

I’ve had the honor to:

  • Co-write some great songs
  • Record some fantastic records
  • Tour with some National Acts
  • Play some amazing venues
  • Win a Grammy Award
  • Most Importantly, meet some wonderful people in every town up and down the radio dial.

This business is all about relationships and treating people like you want to be treated.

4 on the FLOOR is my personal mission to “Pay it Forward.”

I have had several mentors along my musical journey who have helped me navigate my way through troubled waters of arts and entertainment.

I want to do that for the NEXT generation of artists.

Hopefully one day, you can do the same for the generation after you.

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