Who We Are

Bringing Together Independent Artists & Independent Radio Stations

4 on the Floor brings together the independent artist with the independent radio station.

There are great songs in the world that most people have not heard.
Let us help you with that.

The record labels have BIG dollars to throw at commercial radio.
There is an entire network of INDEPENDENT radio stations that champion the INDEPENDENT artist.
Those radio stations love the story of a hometown hero.
We can help you connect with those like-minded people.
When the underdog succeeds and a great song gets heard, we all win.

We can put together an intelligent campaign of:
• Radio promotion,
• Radio tours/Interviews,
• Internet Radio Stations
• Film & TV Placement
• Tour Consulting
• Things we haven’t even thought of yet!

You probably didn’t make your record all by yourself.
You shouldn’t have to promote it yourself either.

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